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 Please use this form and fax with a map of
your site to:
Name: ________________________________________________________________ Date:  ___________________

Company:   ________________________________________________________________________________________

Street Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________

City: _______________________________________________________ State: _______Zip:______________________

Mailing Address:___________________________________________________________________________________


To place an order, we will need the following for payment:
Visa or Mastercard#:__________________________________________Exp.Date:________


Please supply: 
Information only      c The most current year 
c Only these years_____________

Film Format:   c  Whatever is available for the years requested     c Black & White     c Color

Custom Photographic Prints
Contact Prints (9" x 9" prints at the original flight scale)
First Print $60.00  ,  2 - 10 prints $25.00 each , 11 or more prints by quote
c Send the one print that best centers the "x" on my map  - $ 60.00
c I need the entire outlined area 
c Stereo Coverage (60% Endlap)  c Non Stereo Coverage (30% Endlap)

Custom Enlargements (Up to 40" x 60")
Prices are based on a $60.00 minimum and 25 cents per square inch of the final product.
Please enlarge the area on the map to:
c 8.5"x 11" $ 75.00   c 20" x 20"   $ 120.00  c 30" x 30"   $225.00   c 40" x 40"  $400.00
Custom Size or Custom Scale (scales are approx.)______________________________

Digital Format Photography
Prices are based on final file size with a $50.00 minimum on our email product.

Additional Products & Services
Call to discuss the following- photo laminating, Xerox laser copies, photo mosaics and custom labeling

Please add $12.00 to your order for shipping. We will ship your order UPS Ground Track unless otherwise requested. Normal orders will ship within five working days. Rush service is available at double the cost.
*Upon receiving this information we will contact you to confirm your order and discuss any details.

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