[an error occurred while processing this directive] Need an aerial photo for a report?

Need an aerial photo for a report and don't want to buy the airplane? Want to design your own layout? Need it quick? 

For $50.00 WAC will email you our most current coverage in usually 4 hours or less!

Here's how it works: 
First - Review the specs below to see if they fit your needs.
Second - Click here -  to see the most current photos of your area.
Third - Click here -   and print it out.
Fourth - FAX - do not email - the order form and a map to 541.485.1258.
Fifth -  Receive photo as an attachment by email in usually less the 4 hours!

Please call us at 800.845.8088 with any questions. WAC will contact you by phone if we anticipate any delays in the 4 hour delivery schedule.

In order for WAC to offer this unique service all e-mail aerial photo reports will need to adhere to the following specifications. If you have more specific needs - please contact our sales department and/or visit our product area. 

Report Specifications:

* You choose your area of interest and cropping on your report!
* Coverage is limited to the most current listed in our IN-STOCK Library.
* All reports are formatted for 8" X 10.5" output @100 dpi. - larger printouts are not recommended as image quality degrades. If you need higher res. or larger printouts, call our sales staff.
* Our coverage will produce a report with an approx. scale of 1" = 500' -  approx. area of coverage of 4000' X 5250' - approx. pixel resolution  of 5'. ( You choose orientation and placement of your site) 
* All reports are jpeged for minimum download time. Each photo file opens to approx. 820k or 2.5meg depending on B&W or Color.
* The 4 hour delivery time is based on an 8 am - 5 pm PST workday. In at 8 am - out by noon the same day. In at 3 pm - out by 10 am the next day. All orders received after normal business hours will be treated as being received at 8 am the next business day. 
*This photography is not othorectified or geo-referenced.
*Photography may be Color or Black & White. 

* All photography in WAC's IN-STOCK Library is copyrighted. Our restrictions for use of this product is fairly simple. 
1. You can not sell the image or any portion of the image. 
2. The caption " (c)2005 WAC Corp. and www.waccorp.com " must appear on or next to any image or portion of any image. 

Recommended Computer Configuration:

Unless you have an antique, the 2.5 meg file size will be easy to handle by any computer. Jpeg is one of the most common file formats around. Check your viewing software just to be sure. The best printing configuration is an Epson printer set at 300 dpi or higher and printed on ink jet quality photo paper. 

Below are full size samples of aerial photo reports. These reports are only designed for output at 8" X 10.5". full image size. Any larger printouts will result in loss of quality. Call our sales staff for other digital products. Please click on a sample below. When it opens in your browser, save it to your hard drive and then experiment with them in your viewing software.

 Industry.jpg 360k
1"= 500'
Resident.jpg 371k
1"= 500'
Rural.jpg 213k 
1"= 500'

(c)2003 WAC Corporation, Inc.