Sample Certification
Wording may vary depending on the product ordered.
This document will be in hard copy and as a pdf file on the CD\DVD.
Certification will NOT be done after shipping.

This digital scan was created from the original negative, owned, flown by and stored by WAC Corporation, Inc, 520 Conger St., Eugene, Oregon, 97402.

This scan, WAC order # XXXXX,  was created from the original negative on XX/XX/XXXX:

Symbol/ Project Identifer : XXXX-XX
Roll and/or Flight Line: XX
Exposure Number: XXX
Flight Date: XX-XX-XXXX
Original Negative Scale: approx. 1" = XXXX' / 1:XX,XXX
Optical Scanning Resolution: XXXX dpi.

The image on this CD/DVD is provided in an uncompressed format.
This CD/DVD has been locked to prevent alteration.
All digital imagery provided from WAC Corp.'s IN-STOCK program is scanned directly from the original negatives.
The image(s) are not georeferenced nor ortho rectified.

Location information to produce this scan is provided and verified by the customer, not WAC Corp.
This/these scan(s) has/have not been retouched to alter the spatial data (other than minor tonal corrections) from the original negative while in the possession of WAC Corp.
An exact copy of this CD/DVD will be maintained by WAC Corp. for one year after the above creation date.

To the best of my knowledge, I ceritfy the above information to be true.


Position at WAC, WAC Corporation, Inc.