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Frequently Asked Questions


What do the letters W-A-C stand for?

    The individual letters do not stand for anything. Unlike IBM, which is an acronym for International Business Machines, WAC is the registered business name.

Your IN-STOCK library photos are financed by the government, aren't they?

     NO! We do flying and photo lab work under contract for various government agencies (as well as private firms), but we can not sell those photos. The WAC IN-STOCK library photos are 100% funded by WAC Corp.      

Do you make or sell maps?

    WAC Corp. only sells photography. We do not sell or create any maps, photogrammetry, contours, etc.

Why aren't your photos in digital format so I can download them?

    We are not offering online access or e-mail attachments because of time. It would take approx. 30 weeks to scan in 1 of our IN-STOCK projects at a useful resolution. This is assuming 3750 negs/project @20 min./scan, not including indexing. We do 2 - 3 IN-STOCK projects every year. The technology will evolve in the coming years that will make this possible. Another big problem is bandwidth. How long would it take you to download a 30 meg. file (1 meter resolution from our typical IN-STOCK specs)? The bandwidth problem is being addressed, but it's not quite there yet.

Are your photos Orthorectified?

     Not at this time.

Was WAC ever owned by another company?

    WAC Corp. has never had ownership by another company.

Why are most of the fonts generally larger on your site than other sites?

   The guy who wrote this site is pushing 50, wears bifocals and has trouble reading those little fonts on other sites.